7 Best New Entrepreneur Books To Read In 2018


Every entrepreneur needs a mentor. Not everyone is lucky to become a protege of a successful entrepreneur. But any aspiring or startup entrepreneur can pick up a good book. The only two substitutes of a mentor are books and experience. Since the latter is a matter of time, books are the resounding first option. There is no dearth of amazing entrepreneur books but you need to read some contemporary ones. Thousands of books have been published on entrepreneurship and many of them authored by successful entrepreneurs. However, the circumstances that made Warrant Buffet or even a Richard Branson are not the same that entrepreneurs experience today.

You can always pick up “Winning Through Intimidation” by Robert Ringer, “The Proverbs of Solomon”, “How to Get Rich” by Felix Dennis, “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter, “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz, “The Star Principle” by Richard Koch, “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss, “The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau, “Never Get a Real Job” by Scott Gerber, “Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom” by Robert Kiyosaki, “Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies” by Jim Collins or “Like a Virgin” and “Screw Business as Usual” by Richard Branson. But here is a list of the seven best new entrepreneur books to read in 2018.

  1. “Rise: The Reincarnation of an Entrepreneur” by Michael Erath is a remarkable take of comeback. Every entrepreneur will experience failures, sometimes due to no fault of theirs. Resurgence is a quintessential reality in the life of every entrepreneur.
  2. “The Yogi Entrepreneur: A Guide to Earning a Mindful Living through Yoga” by Darren Main is a great book how to transform a passion into successful and an ethical business. While the book can be deemed as a handbook for yogic entrepreneurs, ala those who intend to start and develop a yoga business, the lessons are relevant for many other niches.
  3. “Entrepreneur: Jack Ma, Alibaba and the 40 Thieves of Success” by Think Maverick is a remarkable tale of how someone with limited to almost no exposure in a particular niche can emerge as the formidable player with sheer grit, acumen and a few proven to be effective principles. Jack Ma is to the ecommerce industry what Warren Buffett is to investment. Learn the forty principles that drive such millionaires and help them succeed. You would also get to know of two specific strategies that Ma uses to trump even the most brilliant man in the room.
  4. “The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur’s Playbook” by Juanita Renee Jones is a definitive guide to transform your passion into a business and to succeed at it. Not everyone finds their true calling and even those that do are often held back by a dearth of manifestation. It is not always easy to create a business out of a passion or some expertise. The comprehensive guide ‘Create an Online Business You’ll Love in 7 Simple Steps’ is for every budding entrepreneur with a passion.
  5. “The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life” by Natalie Sisson is a bestseller. It is a no-nonsense take on how you can use your skills and earn money, anywhere and anytime.
  6. “Young Entrepreneur” by Samuel Dixon offers a fascinating peek into what makes Alexa von Tobel or Mark Zuckerberg so different and why they have succeeded when so many have tried and failed.
  7. “Equanimity: Conquering Mt. Entrepreneur” by Dave Blanchard is an inspiring book, especially for those who have lived through failures and whose goals have been elusive till now.

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