Best yacht transport solution


Why such a service as a yacht transportation is generally needed? As it is known, demand creates supply. Today yachting is becoming more and more popular.

The same yachts and motor boats are used as transports in various competitions including international ones, as well. Here the necessity of transportation is most felt. And all this, not to mention the usual delivery of a boat or yacht to the parking of a service for repair and general status checking. When faced with all this, one wants to know how much such an amount of deliveries will cost him.

However, the main problem is the fragility of yachts and motor boats. Small vessel can be easily damaged if you try to take it to the destination yourself. Meanwhile if you are a happy owner of a large excursion motor boat, then there can be no “self-delivery”. Then what can you do? Here our company will come to help!

The company Cigisped guarantees a responsible and professional customer service including the cargo insurance for the full amount irrespective of the cost mentioned in the sales contract.

We implement a transportation of yachts and motor boats all over the world!

Now you will not have to worry how to deliver an excellent model of yacht or motor boat that you have ordered abroad. We encourage partnerships with the main producers of water transport in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, France, Denmark and Holland.

What are the advantages of the company?

By piece and wholesale delivery. Boat transportation will never be a problem if you are cooperating with our company!

The transportation of yachts in Dubai is a complicated and multi-level task that the specialists of the company Cigisped deal with successfully. You can order a transportation of yachts, motor boats, boats in Dubai by phone numbers mentioned below, as well as through our mail form stated on the official webpage of “Cigisped”.