Custom Software Vs Commercial Off The Shelf Software


Custom software is a software application developed for a specific business organization to suit the individual requirements of the company. They can be developed by the owner or employees of the organisation if they have knowledge and expertise in software development or you can hire an outside software developer like the Velvetech LLC customized software development services .On the other hand commercial off the shelf software are standardised software developed for the market in general.

Let us discuss a few differences between these two different software solutions:

  • The initial cost for opting a custom software may seem to be higher when compared to the off the shelf product which cost less. But when we consider the expenses incurred in customization and integration of these standardised software to the business, and the costs of licenses which run into millions and the cost of recurrent up gradation and customization of the software every few years, the costs of both the products seem to be the same. A business has to perform a cost benefit analysis of both the options before picking the best solution. Generally the off the shelf products are suitable for small business which do not need any specialised software and the big companies often go for customised software.
  • A custom software is developed keeping in mind the specific needs of the client, the expert software developers work in consultation with many departments of the business like the marketing, sales, human resources, engineering and general management. They list out the specific needs of all these departments before developing a code for the company. It takes into account the small nuances and the hidden risks which may arise suddenly and not mentioned in the requirement forms. Large corporations generally opt for customised software solutions for different functions like inventory management, human resource management, marketing and customer care and accounting solutions.
  • It is important to opt for a trust worthy supplier who will be in business for the long term while opting for off the shelf software products, you have to consider whether they are willing to provide customisation and after sales support. You also have to consider the possibility of getting a third party support if the original seller ceases to exist in the business. In the case of custom software always hire a reputed software firm like the Valvetech LLC customized software development services, which have a great track record in successful implementation of projects across various industries from education and healthcare to realty and banking. Since they are in the business from long, they have a dedicated team of expert engineers from all industries who understand the specific requirements and problems specific to each industry and develop suitable solutions.
  • The time taken to implement off the shelf products may seem to be less while compared to time taken for developing a customised software as developing a new software involves many steps like consultations with various departments, identifying specific problems and analysing the little nuances and hidden problems before writing the code and implementing it. But when the off the shelf products required customization and modifications, they too take a lot of time to integrate into the business.

Considering all the above factors we can conclude that the custom software often give the most efficient and effective systems that suit the specific business requirements, though it involves slightly higher costs and takes a little more time in implementation when compared to the off the shelf products.