Discover Easy & Several Temperature Controls With NuWave PIC


NuWave is a brand that is blindly trusted by many people across the world. It is one of the top names in kitchen cookware and appliances. The induction cooktop has gained immense popularity after it has hit the market. The NuWave PIC or the Portable Induction Cooktop can be said to be your best friend in the kitchen. It is a spacious cooktop with extra safety features to protect you and your family. The moment you take the NuWave PIC off the burner, you will find that the unit cools down automatically. This means you can also place it on the dinner table when you eat meals with your family. There are no risks of getting burnt or scorched by a hot utensil.

One of the biggest advantages you get when you invest in the NuWave PIC is its temperature controls. You will be pleased to know that there are so many temperature settings for you to choose when you are cooking food. Induction cooking means you need to get the temperatures right for frying, deep frying, boiling etc. The easy to see and use temperature control makes cooking a gala affair for you. All you need to do is set the temperature as per your dish and slowly prepare the food. Slow cooking modes are really great to bring out the taste of the ingredients you use. You get over 50 settings here in the NuWave PIC.

The temperature displays are digital and conveniently located in the front of the device. You can stir fry a meal in the middle of a conversation with your spouse or while overlooking your kids. The device is so simple and easy for you to  use. Moreover, thanks to its automatic shut down from the burner feature you can place the unit in the middle of the table and enjoy a feast with everyone.

However, if you like flipping meal preparations, the shut down feature has to be stopped and you should go in for the manual heating instead. This is true when you are making pancakes or egg omelets. If you have to toss your preparation it is prudent to switch on the manual option for getting desired results. The best part of NuWave is that the induction cooktop is portable and compact. However, its circular design gives you the much needed space you would want for cooking scrumptious meals for you and your family.

There are immense benefits of using the NuWave PIC for your cooking needs. Induction cooking is the latest rage among amateur and professional cooks today. It is obvious. This form of cooking hardly releases heat into the atmosphere and it is considered to be one of the healthiest ways of cooking not only for yourself but for the environment as well. You can cook healthy meals at the right temperatures and not face the risks of over frying or burning your meals. The cooktop will switch off at the right time and scores a ten on ten over conventional gas stove cooking anytime!