Effective Promotional Skills Of A True Business Leader


There are some companies lucky to have mentors and business leaders that can steer the company to consistent progress and growth. This leader has the ability to invent fresh approaches to overcome market competition and challenge. The Company is able to grow rapidly and it prospers from every angle.

One living example of such a leader is William Lauder. He is the grandson of Mrs Estee Lauder – founder of the Estee Lauder Corporation. This Company is no stranger to the USA market at all. It is a leading premium beauty, skincare and cosmetic company that has crossed all boundaries of success and is today one of the dominating leaders in the beauty business.  If you take a brief glance at the history of this Company, it started with just four simple skincare products. Mrs Estee Lauder with her hard work and integrity managed to expand her business in the USA and the world.

However, The Estee Lauder Corporation shot into international fame when William Lauder-her grandson joined the Company in 1986. He was a dedicated professional who quickly rose in the ranks of the Company thanks to his sharp business skills and love for expanding the Company’s products far and wide. He worked on and devised Company strategies that were instrumental in enhancing the reach of the Company across international boundaries and borders. He made the brands of the Company famous thanks to his hard working efforts. William Lauder was an inspiring mentor and team player that helped in the growth and development of the Estee Lauder Corporation well.

William Lauder was responsible for expanding the reach of all the brands he was responsible for. He looked after nine premium brands of the Company and was instrumental in establishing their presence and image overseas. He was the creator of the unique store within a store concept. This gave him the opportunity to win a million hearts across the world as now individuals could get all their favorite Estee Lauder products under a single roof. He added a personal touch to the business for the first time when he overtook the digital operations of the business. In short, William Lauder was a man with the “Midas Touch!” Whatever he took over changed to gold for the Company. His achievements and the growth of the Company grew rapidly making him one of the best promotional and business leaders of a Company in modern times not only in the USA but across the world!