Kimberly Wang Dey – A Reputed Business woman With Mission To Change The World


Kimberly Wang Dey is a reputed entrepreneur from Honolulu and admired by the people of the region. She is an influential woman known for her exceptional business acumen and benevolence. She is among the few reputed women entrepreneurs who believe in making the world a better place for future generations through their positive influence. She is a class apart from her competitors. Apart from concentrating of her attention on the expansion efforts as the CEO of her company Number Eight or N8 and her father’s foundation, she is involved in charity. She uses her influence and position to transform the world into a better place.

Kimberly Wang Dey is well-known for her humanity and compassion among the people of Honolulu. She is the illustrious daughter of Charles Wang and is an inspiring businessperson. She manages the operations of her company effectively and efficiently. As CEO, she is in-charge of the corporate management of the company and aligns the functions of the organization with its long-term and short-terms objectives. She is an outstanding corporate strategist and has well-defined vision for the strategic growth and development of the company.

Kimberly Wang Dey is an exceptional market analyst with razor-sharp eye for detail. She is a perfectionist and makes sure that her staff is well qualified, trained and equipped for the job in hand. However, she is an ardent mentor who can bring out the best in her staff through her friendly and cordial attitude. She is well-loved and admired by her staff and employees alike.

Kimberly Wang Dey is personally engaged in many charitable activities involving children and cross-cultural activities. She is also the Vice-President of the Charles B Wang Foundation, a charitable organization founded by her father. The charitable foundation provides financial aid to various local organizations. Some of these local organizations include The Le Jardin Academy, Special Olympics Hawaii, ASSETS School, The Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii. She has personally given five million dollars to The Kapiolani Medical Center.

Apart from charity, Kimberly Wang Dey is very passionate about horses. She is herself a distinguished sportswoman who has participated in a number of equestrian tournaments. She has also created her own horse-breeding business. In this organization, she personally looks after the horses. Many of these horses from this organization have participated in a number of equestrian tournaments both in America and aboard where they have won many awards. Kimberly Wang Dey is the first Asian American woman to have won The World Champion Amateur Hunter Rider Completion for two years in a row. This is a major achievement and honor for a woman. She is a major inspiration for sport lovers and is on the Board of Advisors at Aina Koa Pono LLC.

Kimberly Wang Dey is an inspirational woman for the people of Honolulu. She is very compassionate individual and is an exemplary role model for the people of the region. Kimberly Wang Dey is an influential woman who believes in giving the people of the society the hope that good people exist for their betterment.