Role of the CEO in Enhancing Business Gains


The Chief Executive Officer of any of the business organization is considered the soul of the given organization.  The Chief Executive Officer, better known as the CEO of the business organization is not only the chief executive officer but also the business professional that represents the whole business organization in the professional world. The role of the CEO of any of the business organizations is extremely very necessary to enhance its business gains and maximize its profits to an optimum level. The most important work of the CEO within a business organization is to take decision for the welfare of the business and to constantly enhance the business gains through the given business.

Ron Hovsepian the Chief Executive Officer of Novell, Inc. and President, CEO and Director of IntraLinks has been an ideal CEO for these organizations and set an example by his duty to be followed by all in his filed. Ron has played an instrumental role in enhancing the business gains of his organization and uplifting its professional reputation to unimaginable levels. All of this has been a result of Ron’s sheer hard work and the optimum use of his powers of being the CEO of the company by him.

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The CEO of the company is vested with some of the strongest applicable powers within a business organization and must use all of them to the optimum abilities of his for the best interest of the company. The decision being taken by the CEO can be from any of the related aspect of the organizations business and related to its interest. The decision such as investment and the timing of the investment that is to made up on the business so as to improvise up on the business are implied only after the final approval of the CEO. The role of CEO is all more so magnified when it comes to such decision as the credit and the responsibility of the success or the failure of any investment are wholly and solely put up on the CEO in the end.

Other taking such vitally crucial decision the job of the CEO is to look over the smooth running of business and ensuring a flawless model of the business administration within the organization. Given the responsibilities and the essential role of the CEO within a business organization, the CEOO is only chosen after years of experience in the professional business field. It is advisable for all the young CEO aspirants to follow the example of Ron Hovsepian to become a successful CEO in the future.