School Display Case; know the different models and features


Trophy and display cases are meant to exhibit the prized awards secure from theft or damage. In fact, it is easy and safe to buy school display case as there are many display cases available in the market and online. If you are looking for cases to display your awards, artwork or memorabilia, you will have a wide range of choices as they are in variety of metal and hardwood finishes that are appropriate to enhance any environment.

Typically, there is a need for school display case for all schools for various purposes. These cases may be used as cabinets to display the earned trophies or even to keep important education showpieces secure. The display cabinets are of highest use in the school as school cabinets.  Thus buying a school display case or cabinet should be done carefully. Looking for cheaper services may be tempting, but to enjoy aesthetically pleasing cabinet, schools must look for quality service providers.  However, it is best to consider display cases for school that are aesthetically pleasing and have the best features.

Display case features

  • The display cases come in varying styles to display the items inside. Considering display cabinets that are free standing is appropriate as they feature glass construction allowing viewers have a complete view. Besides the multi-level shelving cases are preferred as they can hold more items
  • .The pedestal styles highlight a particular object and do an amazing job of spotlighting art work. On these models, some feature integrated lighting and enhance the presentation. A pedestal stand attracts visitor’s attention.
  • Specialty models are countertop or wall mount and these also are in various styles and affordable pricing.  These are ideal as school display case as they come in acrylic plastic construction that is perfect to keep the trophies, sports memorabilia and figurines from dirt and dust. There are hanging cabinets as well featuring swing –open doors.
  • Cabinets or cases in wood construction feature decorative moldings. The charm is extended as it offers minimal glass display. This modern styling presents an heirloom quality.

Many cabinets or cases are available featuring interior lights, while some do not feature the lighting option. Earlier, halogen lighting was used, but now it is right for the schools to make use of the LEDs. These are cool operating temperatures ensuring efficient power consumption.  The LEDs are available as spotlight, strip and recessed styles. You can illuminate your display case in the school such that it attracts viewers.

Another valuable point to consider with school display case is that the display units featuring hinged top have the glass door on hinges that allows to access and enclose from the top, these stand flat and are good for viewing and use.  On the other hand the glass front doors featuring a lock system ensure safety, while there are removable core locks that can be easily replaced, in case re-keying is necessary. While buying a display case for the school, consider appropriate options and buy it directly from the manufacturer, if your school needs more display cases, you can save more money.