Scott Jay Abraham – A Champion For The Cause Of Eco-Friendly Farming

Eco-Friendly Farming

Mankind is engaged in farming since time immemorial and the farming practices have undergo a sea change in the last few decades. Earlier, farming practices were in perfect harmony with Mother Nature, but now gradually over the years; it has shifted to become a bunch of practices where no regard is given to the conservation of biodiversity or welfare of farm animals. Everything is now justified because the demand for farm products has increased manifold due to rapid rise in population. The modern farming practices has a complete disregard for the well being of the farm animals, wild species and the natural eco-system the evil consequences of which are well-known.

Hence, some people are working tirelessly for the cause of promoting eco-friendly farming practices and among these people some are environmentalists as well as some entrepreneurs too! Scott Jay Abraham is a shining example of such a champion who has a never –to-say die attitude to promote such practices among farmers. Being associated with ViaFarm Research & Agricultural Inc, Mr. Abraham has the clear intention of encouraging eco-friendly farming practices by leveraging on innovative technological advance.

The new advancements made by his company have made it possible for farmers to increase their overall crop yield without causing any damage to the environment. The company specializes in the sale of an array of veterinary products and items which are good for animal rearing. The laboratory research setting of the company has immensely helped Scott Jay Abrahamto look forward and to encourage innovation to devise ways of improving the crop yield in a way which could pose no harm to farm animals at all!

Negative effects of conventional farming practices

The conventional farming practices are not at all aligned with our environment and hence cause a large number of negative impacts which should be minimized as soon as possible for the sake of the survival of mankind. These effects are as follows:

  • Excess soil erosion
  • Water scarcity
  • Decrease in soil productivity
  • Reduced water quality
  • Contamination of food
  • Loss of wildlife habitat
  • Reduced genetic diversity among crops
  • Loss of wetlands
  • Stress on pollinating animals
  • Emission of greenhouse gases

Undoubtedly, the negative effects are many and need to be overcome by substantial efforts. Scott Jay Abraham unlike other corporate has not plunged in entrepreneurship for making big money and instead his efforts are genuinely directed for the cause of eco-friendly farming practices. It is a sheer myth that it is impossible to do farming which is friendly for our environment and at the same time getting a good yield which can prove adequate for the existing population. Mr. Abraham has proved that nothing is impossible to think and achieve if your efforts are genuine and consistent. If you are also environment conscious, do your little efforts to save the same and if you are a farmer, switch to eco-friendly farming practices today!