The Advantages of Living in a Serviced Apartment


Serviced apartments are popular choices for business and leisure travellers in Queensland and other locales in Australia. If you are seeking a place to truly reside rather than just sleep, then this type of accommodation is an ideal residential solution. However, you still may be asking why a serviced stay is better than another accommodation.

All the Comforts of Home

Most serviced apartments in Australia offer all the comforts of home – something you don’t receive when booking a hotel room. Therefore, serviced apartments provide a secure and comfortable atmosphere and a home-away-from-home feeling. Apartments of this variety frequently include separate sleeping and living spaces as well as entertainment equipment. Some of the equipment that is featured includes TVs, music systems, DVDs, free Wi-Fi, and a private phone line.

Especially helpful for longer stays, a serviced apartment features a fully equipped kitchenette; replete with such accessories as a refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer, or cooker. If you have special dietary requirements, then this kind of amenity is well worth the investment. This is one executive accommodation Emerald could offer if you stay at their property in Queensland. Emerald is one example of a property of this variety.

A Bespoke Experience

Needless to say, a serviced apartment is an exclusive, if not a bespoke, experience. It also enables you to stay in a location that is both convenient and accessible to nearby attractions and sites. For example, if you stay in the state of Queensland, you can enjoy visits to such places as the Great Barrier Reef. Not only can you take a holiday, but you can also enjoy an accommodation that makes you feel like you never left home.

The Great Barrier Reef spans over 2,300km of the state’s shoreline. You can even see this massive attraction from outer space. You can swim, dive, or snorkel in the marine park, which is also home to 1,500 various species of fish.

Another reason to choose a serviced accommodation is the freedom you enjoy from living in such a property. Some serviced apartments even sit right next to golf courses. So, if you enjoy this sport, you can walk a few steps out your door and play a round of golf or two. Once you book a serviced residence, you can play, work, or relax at any given time.

A Cost-effective Choice for People Travelling with Friends and/or Family

On average, a serviced apartment offers about 30% more space than what you would receive in a hotel guest room. If you are travelling with friends or family, you are allotted more living space in a serviced apartment.

Also, the rates that are charged for a serviced apartment are for the apartment itself, and are not based on a per person basis like most hotel rooms. Therefore, the apartment is obviously the more economical choice. You can also receive rate incentives if you choose to stay longer than a week. Plus, cleaning and daily linen service is often part of the package. Needless to say, choosing a serviced apartment will give you more for your money. It’s definitely the accommodation you want to select for your next vacation break.